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Deepwater Cisco

Scientific Name: Coregonus johannae
Taxonomy Group: Fishes
Range: Ontario
Last COSEWIC Assessment: May 2000
Last COSEWIC Designation: Extinct
SARA Status: No Schedule, No Status

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Image of Deepwater Cisco


The head of the Deepwater Cisco was relatively long, and its upper lip sloped back in line with its forehead. The caudal fin of this fish was forked; the back was pale blue or green; the sides were blue-green; the under parts were silvery white; and the fins were clear or white with scattered pigmentation. Deepwater Ciscoes measured, on average, 290 mm.


Distribution and Population

Deepwater Ciscoes were once found in Lakes Michigan and Huron.



Very little is known about the habitat of the Deepwater Cisco.



Very little information exists on the general biology of Deepwater Ciscoes. Spawning occurred during August and September.


Reasons for extinction

Commercial exploitation and predation by the Sea Lamprey were the main causes of the extinction of the Deepwater Cisco.




PLEASE NOTE: Not all COSEWIC reports are currently available on the SARA Public Registry. Most of the reports not yet available are status reports for species assessed by COSEWIC prior to May 2002. Other COSEWIC reports not yet available may include those species assessed as Extinct, Data Deficient or Not at Risk. In the meantime, they are available on request from the COSEWIC Secretariat.

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