Notice of permit

Regional or Local Number: MPO-LEP-QCDPP-2017-002

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the provisions of section 73 of the Species at Risk Act permit no. MPO-LEP-QCDPP-2017-002 is issued.

Activity affecting the species is incidental to the carrying out of the activity

The project involves installing four temporary cofferdams around the bridge structures that must be destroyed (two piers and two abutments), in order to work in a dewatered area. The activity involves catching fish that may get caught inside the cofferdam enclosures, before the work begins, and relocating them to an area promoting their survival in the Des Anglais River.

Start Date: 2018-08-01   End Date: 2019-03-31

Issuing Authority: Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Authority Used:

  • Species at Risk Act

Location of Activity (province, territory or ocean):

  • Quebec

Affected Species:

a) Reasonable alternatives have been considered and the best solution has been adopted. The choice of site cannot be changed, because the bridge requiring reconstruction work is at this location. The work must be done in a dewatered area. b) Measures will be taken to mitigate the negative impacts of the activity on the species: If riprap cofferdams are used, they will be built using clean materials. The cofferdams will be installed and dismantled outside the sensitive period for the species present listed in Schedule 1 of SARA. Carefully recover all captive fish in the confined or buffered sections of the work area and immediately place them in the aquatic environment, in an area promoting their survival, so as to avoid any fish mortality. An appropriate device will be installed at the entrance of the pumping hose (for example, a strainer) to prevent fish from being sucked in. c) Catching and relocating is a mitigation measure to prevent fish mortality in the cofferdam enclosures. The project is therefore unlikely to threaten the survival or recovery of the species affected by this permit.

Contact Person(s)
Jean-Yves Savaria
Fisheries Protection Division, Regulatory Reviews, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
850 route de la Mer, P.O. Box 1000
Mont-Joli , QC
G5H 3Z4