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COSEWIC assessment and update status on report on the Channel Darter Percina copelandi in Canada

The channel darter, Percina copelandi (Jordan, 1877), is a small benthic percid (subfamily Etheostomatinae). The official French common name is the fouille-roche gris, although dard gris was used in older literature. This fish is light sand or olive-coloured with brown speckles on its back. X-shaped markings are scattered over its dorsal surface. A dark spot or bar may be present beneath the eye and extend onto the snout. There are 8-18 brown oblong blotches along the lateral line linked by a thin brown line. Adults are commonly 40 mm in total length. This species has been described by Goodchild (1994) in the original status report, Scott and Crossman (1973) and Coad et al. (1995).


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