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Species at Risk Act

Table of Provisions

An Act Respecting the Protection of Wildlife Species at Risk in Canada


Short Title

1. Short Title


2. Definitions

3. Aboriginal and Treaty Rights

4. Sedentary Living Organisms

Her Majesty

5. Binding on Her Majesty


6. Purposes

Canadian Endangered Species Conservation Council

7. Composition

Administration of Act

8. Responsibility of Minister

8.1 National Aboriginal Council on Species at Risk

9. Advisory Committees to Assist Minister

10. Administrative Agreements

Stewardship Action Plan

10.1 Stewardship Action Plan

10.2 Contents


11. Conservation Agreements – Species at Risk

12. Conservation Agreements – Other Species

13. Funding Agreements

Wildlife Species Listing Process

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada

14. Establishment

15. Functions

16. Composition

17. Regulations and Guidelines

18. Subcommittees

19. Rules

20. Staff and Facilities

21. Status Reports

22. Applications

23. Time for Assessment

Reviews and Reports

24. Review of Classifications

25. Copies to Minister and Council

26. Annual Reports

List of Wildlife Species at Risk

27. Power to Amend List

28. Applications for Assessment of Imminent Threat

29. Emergency Listing

30. Review

31. Recommendation to Amend List

Measures to Protect Listed Wildlife Species

General Prohibitions

32. Killing, Harming, etc., Listed Wildlife Species

33. Damage or Destruction of Residence

34. Application - Certain Species in Provinces

35. Application - Certain Species in Territories

36. Prohibitions re Provincial and Territorial Classifications

Recovery of Endangered, Threatened and Extirpated Species

Recovery Strategy

37. Preparation - Endangered or Threatened Species

38. Commitments to be Considered

39. Cooperation with Others

40. Determination of Feasibility

41. Contents if Recovery Feasible

42. Proposed Recovery Strategy


44. Existing Plans

45. Amendments

46. Reporting

Action Plan

47. Preparation

48. Cooperation with Other Ministers and Governments

49. Contents

50. Proposed Action Plan

51. Existing Plans

52. Amendments

53. Regulations

54. Use of Powers Under Other Acts

55. Monitoring and Reporting

Protection of Critical Habitat

56. Codes of Practice, National Standards or Guidelines

57. Purpose

58. Destruction of Critical Habitat

59. Regulations re Federal Lands

60. Provincial and Territorial Classifications

61. Destruction of Critical Habitat

62. Acquisition of Lands

63. Progress Reports on Unprotected Portions of Critical Habitat

64. Compensation

Management of Species of Special Concern

65. Preparation of Management Plan

66. Cooperation with Other Ministers and Governments

67. Multi-species or Ecosystem Approach Permissible

68. Proposed Management Plan

69. Existing Plans

70. Amendments

71. Regulations

72. Monitoring

Agreements and Permits

73. Powers of Competent Minister

74. Competent Minister Acting Under Other Acts

75. Adding Terms and Conditions

76. Exemption for Existing Agreements, Permits, etc.

77. Licences, Permits, etc. Under Other Acts of Parliament

78. Agreements and Permits Under Other Provincial and Territorial Acts

Project Review

79. Notification of Minister

Emergency Orders

80. Emergency Order

81. Equivalent Measures

82. Recommendation to Repeal


83. General Exceptions

84. Regulations

Enforcement Measures

Enforcement Officers

85. Enforcement Officers


86. Inspections

Disposition of Things Seized

87. Custody of Things Seized

88. Disposition by Competent Minister

89. Liability for Costs

Assistance to Enforcement Officers

90. Right of Passage

91. Assistance

92. Obstruction


93. Application for Investigation

94. Investigation

95. Competent Minister May Send Evidence to Attorney General

96. Suspension or Conclusion of Investigation

Offences and Punishment

97. Contraventions

98. Officers, etc., of Corporations

99. Offences by Employees or Agents

100. Due Diligence

101. Venue

102. Sentencing Considerations

103. Forfeiture

104. Retention or Sale

105. Orders of Court

106. Suspended Sentence

107. Limitation Period

Alternative Measures

108. When Alternative Measures May be Used

109. Terms and Conditions in Agreement

110. Duration of Agreement

111. Filing in Court for Purpose of Public Access

112. Stay of Proceedings

113. Application to Vary Agreement

114. Application of Provisions Dealing with Records

115. Disclosure of Information by Peace Officer or Enforcement Officer

116. Government Records

117. Disclosure of Records

118. Information Exchange Agreements

119. Regulations

Public Registry

120. Public Registry

121. Regulations

122. Protection from Proceedings

123. Documents to be in Public Registry

124. Restriction

Fees and Charges

125. Regulations

Reports and Review of Act

126. Annual Report to Parliament

127. Convening Round Table

128. Reports on Status of Wildlife Species

129. Parliamentary Review of Act

Assessment of Wildlife Species Mentioned in the Schedules

130. Assessment of Status

131. Section 27 Applies

132. Time for Recovery Strategy

133. Time for Management Plan

Related Amendments

134-136. Canada Wildlife Act

137. Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

138. Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994

139-141. Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act

Coordinating Amendment

141.1 Bill C-10

Coming into Force

142. Order of Governor in Council

Schedules 1 to 3

Schedule 1: List of Wildlife Species at Risk

Schedule 2: Endangered Species and Threatened Species

Schedule 3: Special Concern Species